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                                                                    VANPORT TOWNSHIP MILITARY BANNER PROGRAM

Vanport Township has always taken great pride in the men and women who have served our country in its times of need. Now we’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to help us honor your friends and family who have served our great country.

The Military banner Program salutes our brave men and women who are currently serving and those who have served in the military by creating and displaying a 24 X 36” military banner to be exhibited between Memorial Day and Veterans Day for years to come.

This Program includes:

1- 24” x36” Military Banner to be displayed by the Twp. Two 12” x 18” yard banners for personal display
Mounting hardware to hold banner while displayed Web presence on the Vanport Township Military website at
————————————————————————————– ————————————————————————-
To have your loved one included, Please fill out the form below and submit it along with a check in the
Amount of $88.00 and a good quality Military Photograph.
Name: ____________________________ Address: ____________________________ Check # ___________
Phone: ______________________ Cell Phone: __________________ E-Mail __________________________
Service person’s Name: ___________________________ Rank: ___________ Service branch_____________
Division /Squad: __________________________Conflict: __________________________________________

Make Check $88.00 Payable to:
Vanport Township Military Banner Program
Deliver to:
Vanport Township Municipal Building
477 State Avenue
Vanport, PA 15009
E-mail a good quality photograph electronically scanned at 600dpi or higher to
vanporttwp@comcast.net or include a good quality photograph with this submission form.
Once your photograph is scanned it will be returned unharmed to you.
For more information please visit





Brush bins are now available all year. Check out the ‘Residents Information’ tab at top of page for more info on ‘Yard Waste Disposal’.


Before anyone can solicit door to door in Vanport Township they must obtain an permit application through the Vanport Township Secretary’s Office located at 477 State Avenue, Vanport, PA – 724/774-6420.  Violators soliciting without an approved permit will be prosecuted.